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List of new discussion

  1. 586-745-0409

    Rodney says:

    he said he found my wallet that i dropped and that he would fedex it to me on monday july 9, 2012 it is now monday, july 16 and he does not return any of my calls or texts and he has not returned the wallet.

  2. 615-916-9150

    Roman says:

    We receive multiple calls several days a week from this number.

  3. 631-851-6828

    Emmett says:

    People who want money I don't have

  4. 567-316-1257

    Kelvin says:

    These bastards keep calling me. I would like to chop their head off!!!

  5. 201-906-4925

    Karl says:

    Called my cellphone but did not leave a message

  6. 209-960-8917

    Russell says:

    just got a call on my cell from a tax debt relief place. as that's not an issue for me, have no idea why they called other than it's spam

  7. 937-431-3248

    Jeremiah says:

    Need to get all incoming and outgoing call history for the past 4 months of my mobile number.

  8. 717-975-7642

    Deon says:

    This company calls 2-3 times a day and never leaves a message.

  9. 908-540-7137

    Rudy says:

    Got a text from this number claiming to have found me through skype and wanted to chat.

  10. 608-345-4445

    Octavio says:

    We are on the do not call list. WHY do they keep calling?

  11. 201-906-8926

    Bruce says:

    I have been receiving unsolicited phone calls on my land line home phone from the unknown numbers.

  12. 206-486-6360

    Sammie says:

    Credit cards service talking bout lowering intrest rates

  13. 320-758-8567

    Moses says:

    Some guy from India who couldn't speak English trying to sell something.

  14. 504-569-1586

    Sherman says:

    Who is the owner of this number?

  15. 318-616-1651

    Dwain says:

    got a call today, they hung up when machine came on.

  16. 567-316-1371

    Gale says:

    We are being called 3 to 4 times a day from this call center and when I tell them that I am on a do not call list they say they have a right to call me.

  17. 440-281-3911

    Filiberto says:

    They constantly call and leave weird messages. It's a total nuisance

  18. 424-861-8429

    Edwin says:

    free iphone 5 to beta test and keep. and a .co url to go to.

  19. 504-569-1654

    Earle says:

    Prank caller!!!! Harassing!

  20. 608-345-1836

    Marcelino says:

    How can we stop receiving text from a spammer?

  21. 513-944-2358

    Gregorio says:

    Wtf! They keep getting past the call block

  22. 516-520-2932

    Sam says:

    I received a cell phone call while I was at work. I was speaking with my boss at the time. I answered the phone, thinking it must be an emergency, only to find myself on hold with music playing.

  23. 937-431-5726

    Kermit says:

    267-243-3282 Same as the one below me. Didn't look at it with my cell phone, went to my old laptop. Page won't display. Um...yeah, Someone looking for people to spam. Never ever reply to these sort of messages. If you do, God help ya. You'll get more spam than Carter every made pills.

  24. 904-352-1171

    Jerrell says:

    Can I block this number? He Sends text messages to me.

  25. 209-960-9777

    Clyde says:

    I received the same bs txt message as others.

  26. 586-745-3923

    Mitch says:

    Where can I track this number?

  27. 650-452-2762

    Harlan says:

    I did not get a text msg from that number, but I was asked in an email to text that number.

  28. 320-758-5896

    Geraldo says:

    They have called me every week for a couple years. I am on the Do Not Call registry. I have asked them numerous times to not call.

  29. 323-927-7340

    Noble says:

    They call way too often. They are also rude. I think they actually believe that this is a deal. They talk to me as if I am crazy for passing it up. This is annoying.

  30. 660-223-3455

    Ambrose says:

    Calls me and tells me something about lower rates? I dont have credit cards

  31. 318-616-5194

    Andreas says:

    I am registered on the National Do Not Call Registry and don't know where they got my phone number

  32. 307-752-1318

    Jerome says:

    This is a magic jack phone numbet

  33. 401-906-6663

    Luther says:

    Have you experienced a spam call. It bothers me a lot. How can I avoid it?

  34. 440-281-8359

    Sterling says:

    Fed up with this number calling my CELL phone and soliciting lower interest rates on credit cards I DONT HAVE.

  35. 615-916-0911

    Lindsay says:

    I can not stand this company. I have been called 100 times in the past two months.

  36. 201-906-8282

    Isaiah says:

    Tells me I won a $1000 Walmart gift card if I go to some website

  37. 513-944-5143

    Cletus says:

    am on the national no call list, yet they continue to harass with their annoying calls on a regular basis.

  38. 567-316-4921

    Kennith says:

    received a text from this number it gave a web address for the first 1000 customers to log into to claim an ipad 3.

  39. 424-861-4450

    Cedrick says:

    Intimidation, being bothersome. Ongoing harrassment, fear for own safetey

  40. 608-345-3415

    Rigoberto says:

    I am on the do not call list, and I still get these calls.

  41. 513-944-9060

    Berry says:

    Came up unknown. I don't answer his calls but it rang 3 times and they hung up.

  42. 323-927-4377

    Dominick says:

    spam calls every 5 days. blocked.

  43. 937-431-1661

    Colby says:

    Received a call this morning but I did not want to answer this unsolicited call, and upon its persistent ringing, I took the cell phone and opened it.

  44. 516-520-3724

    Robby says:

    I hate receiving a text message from this number! Who knows him/her?

  45. 650-452-8304

    Alan says:

    Don't know, they won't say anything.

  46. 401-906-5496

    Keith says:

    Calls all the time but hang up when I answer.

  47. 904-352-1402

    Stephan says:

    They keep calling, when I tried to call them back did get an option to be taken off the list, but they still call me, and hang up if you try and tell them to stop calling.

  48. 201-906-4103

    Jamal says:

    I keep getting once a day a phone call from this company offering better rates on crdit card debt.

  49. 318-616-7538

    Sang says:

    A recorded call from "Card Services" states I must call immediately to receive this great deal on reduced rates. Push 3 to discontinue calls, push 1 to speak to a rep. I have pushed 3 repeatedly but still receives a call.