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List of new discussion

  1. 660-223-6824

    Jerrold says:

    I get a call from this company on a daily basis & sometimes twice daily.

  2. 904-352-9321

    Margarito says:

    I have win prize but still not get send money is this a scam?

  3. 650-452-6606

    Gonzalo says:

    Spam text message about opportunity to test the iPhone 5 (which doesn't even exist yet...)

  4. 567-316-7845

    Sherwood says:

    Just asked for a manager because I can never get on their do not call list and the guy went off.

  5. 424-819-7984

    Amado says:

    Received a text message from this number stating i won $1000 gift card and I need to reply within 24hours.

  6. 614-262-9349

    Ivory says:

    don't know anyone from this area,stop calling

  7. 769-246-8415

    Gonzalo says:

    Please stop sending message to my number and stop cutting my balance thanks.

  8. 812-585-0436

    Manual says:

    Several unsolicited calls per week in violation of "do not call" registration. Obvious scam.

  9. 210-740-4224

    Raul says:

    I am tired to receiving card from credit card services.

  10. 702-707-5218

    Ross says:

    Leaves long voicemails with no one talking

  11. 614-262-1506

    Howard says:

    I've never had any dealings with this company

  12. 803-637-4054

    Samuel says:

    I got a prank call at 1:30 am on a tuesday morning in april 2012. Very creepy, i was usubg craiglist earleir, maybe they had my number from that or off of facebook.

  13. 616-656-4323

    Keith says:

    Keep getting call I am on the DO NOT CALL please take my number out of your ROBO CALL LIST I hope someone handles this problem!

  14. 908-540-9643

    Alvin says:

    Since when does the irs have a 301 area code. What idiots we're dealing with. Keep on your toes! Always check out a company with the BBB before signing anything.

  15. 760-855-5606

    Richard says:

    I figure if the matter was that important they will leave a message...

  16. 660-223-2742

    Lon says:

    I keep getting calls and when I answer, they hang up.

  17. 201-906-8359

    Luciano says:

    But they are not, and they are not a legitmate company. They are scam artists trying to steal you money.

  18. 208-922-7327

    Donnell says:

    Fake PDL collection calls.Trying to scam money from people. FBI looking into them.Do not engage.Hang up!!!

  19. 210-740-9621

    Vicente says:

    Who knows the Spam Text issue?

  20. 307-752-9247

    Carmelo says:

    number claims I won money!!! I just have to be some where at a certain time and place and where a certain shirt.... Yeah I am going to do that

  21. 320-758-5367

    Thad says:

    When asked to quit calling, they keep calling.

  22. 323-927-8658

    Stanford says:

    I have been getting calls from this number at least twice a day on my cell phone.

  23. 424-819-1070

    Cesar says:

    I received harrassing phone call from a man with an accent.He claimed he was from a Law Firm out of Dallas.

  24. 424-861-4241

    Herman says:

    Called me but left no info. I don't recognize the number

  25. 440-281-3452

    Adolph says:

    Called me at 3:00 in the morning - didn't leave a message.

  26. 443-535-4140

    Deshawn says:

    Called 4 times last night and three times today.

  27. 504-569-5094

    Clark says:

    How can I know if this person is a scammer?

  28. 513-944-5666

    Kevin says:

    I have repeatedly asked to be removed from the list, and the caller just hangs up. I'm wondering what next step I can take ?

  29. 516-520-1896

    Ty says:

    This number has been calling, and when I pick up there is a message having me wait for the next repersentive, or they hang up.

  30. 540-623-6598

    Milan says:

    Got a phone call today stating my debit card was locked and that I needed to press 1 to unlock.

  31. 567-316-6611

    Theodore says:

    Medco pharmacy. Never used them. Said they have a prescription.

  32. 614-228-0327

    Raymundo says:

    I keep getting texts from this number written in some foreign language. These unwanted texts are costing me 20 cents for each one. I have blocked this number so hopefully the texts will stop.

  33. 773-238-2991

    Kent says:

    A Card Member Services is almost a daily call. Isn't there any way to stop these people?

  34. 228-549-4475

    Terence says:

    We get the same calls and treatment, only from different area codes several times a day.

  35. 914-522-2740

    Oswaldo says:

    Can you please give a tip about a scam call?

  36. 563-873-0870

    Ernie says:

    Caller Type: Telemarketer Phone Number Report: Text me on MArch 31, 2012 "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3!

  37. 614-262-9791

    Marcelo says:

    So much for the do not call list. Glad I got Ooma!

  38. 803-637-9260

    Willis says:

    rang 2 times and hung up before i answered

  39. 908-540-8955

    Bo says:

    This guy has been harassing me for two weeks. He calls really late in the evening and hangs up when I answer. The first time he called he said he wanted to renew my Macomb Daily subscription. I did not give him my credit card information...THANK GOD!!!! I finally (after 2 weeks) tried calling him back to warn him to stop, and he kept hanging up on me. I am filing a complaint with Macomb Daily.

  40. 760-855-0952

    Toby says:

    allie scum collector calling again before 8 what a bundle i'm going to collect

  41. 660-223-7627

    Emerson says:

    They keep calling 3 or 4 times a day selling something about break-ins

  42. 201-906-2917

    Kirby says:

    Sending me unwanted messages.

  43. 208-922-0953

    Agustin says:

    Yes, this is a scam, called me 4 times today. I spoke with someone yesterday and told them if they continue to call I would take them up for harassment. I called them back and hit 2 to be removed but obviously that did not work because are still calling. Gets annoying, said I had won $600. in grocery coupons and needed a credit card for shipping. Since when did you have to pay for shipping on grocery coupons? when I can print them from home.... silly peoples.

  44. 210-740-4445

    Marcelo says:

    Can I have a complete detail on this number?

  45. 307-752-7769

    Devin says:

    Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will Receive it!

  46. 320-758-2373

    Clayton says:

    Lost me to Verizon. Phone never ever got service and I ask for a payment arrangement and they decline.....

  47. 323-927-5252

    Shane says:

    Calls at least 3 times a day and does not leave a message. I am not at home when they call.

  48. 424-819-0643

    Cornelius says:

    How can these people keep calling a home phone number on the "Do Not Call List" and after REPEATED requests from me when they do call to remove my number from their calling list?