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List of new discussion

  1. 440-281-1971

    Noble says:

    Hi! I'm just wondering if this is a spam telephone number? Let me know thanks..

  2. 508-547-5056

    Jean says:

    Calls but when I answer it, they hang it up.

  3. 318-616-2601

    Roberto says:

    I keep getting calls from this number several times a day.

  4. 210-740-7854

    Ahmed says:

    Scammers are damn disturbing. Their phone number is different every time.

  5. 908-400-6286

    Dannie says:

    I keep getting daily calls from WCS on my cell phone Real Estate line - soliciting, and want it to STOP immediately.

  6. 516-520-6473

    Jack says:

    I'm getting numerous phone calls daily on my home and now my cell phone and I cant get them to stop. Help, Any body!

  7. 661-536-9186

    Quinn says:

    Txt me at 559am stating : Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will Recieve it!

  8. 908-540-6891

    Kelly says:

    Got a text from this number saying they saw my facebook. Is it a scam?

  9. 707-539-3719

    Frances says:

    The call comes from this number. When i do answer it nothing comes across.

  10. 401-906-9498

    Johnson says:

    I never registered my cell phone with target or entered any contest. This is a scam.

  11. 424-861-8036

    Amos says:

    Didn't answer. Left no message

  12. 650-452-9794

    Jackie says:

    Left message about cleaning carpets and said to press 1

  13. 323-927-3781

    Arlie says:

    I received a call today where this company harrassed my billing clerk and then harrassed me.

  14. 567-316-4009

    Everett says:

    Repeated calls from this number.

  15. 513-944-8749

    Van says:

    Received the following spam text from this number. "You have been selected to receive a FREE $50 Walmart Gift voucher Call 1-877-552-3585 to redeem. TEXT STOP TO STOP"

  16. 660-223-6074

    Wallace says:

    Does any body here knows how to block this number?

  17. 208-922-5214

    Cecil says:

    I keep getting calls from this number for someone who is not me. I have told them that this is my phone number, and that the person they are calling is not available at this number. They call me anyway. I have reported them to the FTC but we all know how much they give a flying *****. Oh well.

  18. 937-431-4126

    Giuseppe says:

    How to know the information of this spam number?

  19. 614-228-9807

    Shirley says:

    I did not shop at their shop how could I win?

  20. 769-246-9574

    Hugo says:

    We continue to receive annoying calls from Kingston JM. I answered it once and later found a charge on my phone bill.

  21. 870-525-2744

    Brad says:

    Who knows the owner of this number? He frequently send text messages to me and calls me

  22. 540-623-0313

    Kent says:

    Received the text about winning a $100. False info.

  23. 717-975-7559

    Neil says:

    First financial. They will never stop calling!

  24. 586-745-6763

    Orval says:

    Same as Above -- No msg left on machine, calls during day, no answer when we pick up phone -- 2 times this week, 1 time last week.

  25. 904-352-3168

    Vito says:

    They sent me a text stating I had 24hrs to contact them to claim my prize for LG. A fucking Scam!

  26. 424-819-3380

    Merlin says:

    We continue to receive annoying calls from Kingston JM. I answered it once and later found a charge on my phone bill.

  27. 443-535-3561

    Gerard says:

    This number calls my personal phone almost daily sometimes several times a day and there is never a real person on the other end.

  28. 760-855-0945

    Roosevelt says:

    I keep getting calls from this number several times a day.

  29. 563-873-7296

    Emerson says:

    They called and hung up on me. I believe this is a collections agency

  30. 608-345-7679

    Walter says:

    I got a hang up call from this number called it back it was a automated message selling medical stuff and supplies.

  31. 608-345-2764

    Delmer says:

    I received a call saying I downloaded a Malicious Software! Can it be a scam?

  32. 563-873-8048

    Jamaal says:

    I have used the option they give buy using the number 3 to stop calls i have got a live operater and asked them to stop the man would not let me talk all he did was keep trying to get me to lower my interest rates.

  33. 760-855-5241

    Andrew says:

    Each time I'm able to speak to a live person, I request to be put on their DO NOT CALL LIST.

  34. 443-535-9364

    Jesse says:

    I received a text stating that I had won, a gift certificate. Scam Messages everywhere!

  35. 424-819-7950

    Margarito says:

    This number is a Scammer.

  36. 904-352-9415

    Lincoln says:

    Had to do with health insurance

  37. 586-745-2392

    Lorenzo says:

    I have been getting 2-3 calls DAILY!! I press 1 every time to talk to a rep to remove my name and usually they hang up on me.

  38. 717-975-6885

    Olin says:

    What is the problem with the owner of this number? He always call me!

  39. 540-623-7326

    Jeremiah says:

    I have no idea what their scam is but I'm sure it is a scam of some sort. These are recorded messages. I want them to stop.

  40. 870-525-7699

    Jimmy says:

    Receiving a non-stop call. All hours of the day and night. Nobody there to answer.

  41. 769-246-8975

    Rory says:

    Apple is looking for someone to test the IPAD. Wow but you text me @ 11:30pm!!!

  42. 904-352-9884

    Percy says:

    Verizon spamming me about a past due balance when I've already paid up my account

  43. 614-228-0559

    Maria says:

    Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good aritlce.

  44. 937-431-0170

    Weldon says:

    Asking me to be an apple product tester. Bullcrap

  45. 769-246-8696

    Albert says:

    Have you experienced a Choppy call?

  46. 208-922-1444

    Ahmad says:

    Received a false advertisement true spam.

  47. 208-922-9599

    Ricky says:

    Stop calling me after two or three times every week.

  48. 660-223-8117

    Marty says:

    Mortgage saving center with ppl who can't speak english

  49. 660-223-1712

    Joel says:

    Got a call. I answered it but they hung up.

  50. 513-944-8619

    Dwain says:

    This number calls and says I need to contact them immediately concerning my card (doesn't say which one) to reduce my interest rate.